Your Healthcare Options

Every youth in care is entitled to healthcare. Health includes everything that affects your body and mind. Nutrition, medication, medical care/insurance, sexual behavior, emotional/behavioral issues, and exercise are just some of the areas that impact your health. Of course, for every healthy behavior, there is an unhealthy behavior. Knowing about health, is knowing (and doing) what is best.  

COVID-19 Vaccinations in Maryland

For information on COVID-19 vaccination in Maryland, please visit

Affordable Health Care: The Maryland Health Connection

Maryland Health Connection is the marketplace for individuals, families and small businesses to compare and enroll in health insurance and determine eligibility for Medicaid and other assistance programs, federal tax credits and cost-sharing reductions.

Options for Youth Over 18

If you were in foster care at age 18, you are eligible for FREE Medicaid health insurance through Local health services. Medicaid will cover you until age 26. Sign up now to stay healthy!

Chase Brexton: Healthcare Options for LGBTQ Youth

Chase Brexton Health Services has provided healthcare services for the LGBTQ community since 1978. They have recently opened the LGBT Health Resource Center to provide individuals and their families with welcoming access to expert health information and resources that enhance wellness and quality of life. For more information visit their website  

Healthcare Options for Youth With Disabilities

The DHS & MDH/DDA Partnership
The Maryland Department of Health/Developmental Disabilities Administration has partnership with the Department of Human Services/Social Services Administration to  improve access to resources available to children, youth, and vulnerable young adults with developmental disabilities; providing appropriate services in a timely and efficient manner.
  What am I entitled to?
lf you have a developmental disabilities should remain in care until age 21. You are entitled to receive all of the services indicated for all foster care youth in care. Based on your needs, plans should be made at least 18 months to 1 year prior to leaving foster care or your 21st birthday. Designated staff should be included in the planning process from Adult Services and the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) to make adequate transition plans for the youth. DDA Transitioning Youth with Disabilities Resource & Information If you require a legal guardian after aging out of foster care at 21 years old, then you should  be referred to the LDSS adult services division for an assessment. This referral shall occur 6 months prior to the your 21st birthday. If the adult services division determines the you will require a legal guardian, the adult services division will file a petition for adult guardianship at the youth 21st birthday.