Maryland Youth Transitional Plan


What is the Maryland Youth Transitional Plan?

The purpose of the Maryland Youth Transitional Plan is to ensure all youth 14 to 21 years of age establish a personalized comprehensive written plan outlining his or her preparations for transitioning from out-of-home placement to adulthood. Transitional planning is the responsibility of both you and your social worker to ensure that the you have acquired skills and have overcome barriers to completing school, obtaining and maintaining gainful employment, finding adequate and affordable housing, financial literacy, identifying family/friend support, self care, and accessing health and mental health care. Utilize the Ready By 21 as a tool to help you with creating your transitional plan. The Ready By 21 Benchmarks are for youth ages 14-21 and Independent Living Service Agreement for youth ages 16-21. The benchmarks are separated in age groups and categories which will assist both you and your worker in designing tasks and measuring outcomes for self sufficiency. The outcomes for achieving these benchmarks may be different for each person due to the person's mental and physical capabilities. Both you and your worker shall consider the your ability to achieve the benchmarks prior to determining the outcomes.  

Youth Transitional Plan Orientation Video

As SSA continues the important work of rolling out Maryland’s Integrated Practice Model (IPM) across the state, it is important to ensure alignment across all Permanency programs, including Maryland’s Youth Transition Planning Process. To do this DHS/SSA has assembled workgroups with members from DHS/SSA, Chapin Hall, The Institute for Innovation and Implementation, and stakeholder groups to make necessary adjustments to Maryland’s Youth Transition Planning Process to better align with the IPM. As a result, there will be a Workforce Skills Lab for Permanency workforce, orientation video for Transition Age Youth in care, and an orientation webinar for stakeholders.

The video linked is the orientation video for Transition Age Youth in care. This video is intended to be viewed by youth, staff, stakeholders, essentially everyone that works with older youth.

Don't Forget!

  • Remember to work with your social worker or an adult resource for assistance with completing your Transitional Plan.
  • Save a copy of your plan and provide a copy to your social worker